Roto Pumps commemorated its founder’s 106th birth anniversary on 4th Feb 2024 by hosting “Roto Innovation & Excellence Day,” an event celebrating the company’s commitment to innovation and employee contributions.

The event marked a special occasion to recognize the outstanding achievements of Roto Pumps’ employees. Mr. P.K. Sahu and Mr. Sunil Sharma were awarded the winners’ trophy for their design and development of the Wear Compensation Stator, a significant innovation that promises to enhance product performance. Additionally, Mr. S.D. Sharma received a runner-up award for his in-house development of the Down Hole Pump Test Bed, further solidifying the company’s commitment to internal R&D.

The participation and passion for innovation displayed by our employees are truly heartening,” said M. H.C. Gupta, CMD, Roto Pumps. “We are proud to recognize the contributions of Mr. Sahu, Mr. Sharma, and Mr. S.D. Sharma, whose dedication is driving the company forward.”

The celebration extended to acknowledge advancements in process innovation as well. Mr. Surjit Singh secured the first prize for his development of a method for across flat milling of downhole pump rotor heads on a plano miller. This innovation, along with Mr. Tiku Chand’s runner-up winning design of UJ head fixtures for CNC machines, has resulted in a remarkable productivity increase of over 40% and significant cost savings in manufacturing.

“Roto Innovation & Excellence Day serves as a testament to our unwavering focus on fostering a culture of creativity and progress,” concluded the spokesperson. “By recognizing and rewarding employee ingenuity, we ensure that Roto Pumps remains at the forefront of pump technology.”

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