PD Pumps

As a positive displacement pump manufacturer, Roto Pumps continuously endeavours to increase its product basket to cater to a wider spectrum of industries and applications.

Our product line comprises of Progressive Cavity Pumps and Twin Screw Pumps to meet most varied pumping requirements.

While Progressive Cavity Pumps have applications in fluid metering and pumping of highly viscous, abrasive or sheer sensitive materials, the Twin Screw Pumps are used for clean, lubricating, non-lubricating as well as aggressive liquids.

Being the mainstay of pumping fluids, positive displacement pumps have been turning out as a popular option increasing the working spectrum of the industries. PD pumps also known as positive displacement pumps are seen as the best machinery available for specialized pumping tasks. These pumps with the help of the conventional valves display the premium functioning of intake as well as discharge.

Even the most varied pumping requires help from the progressive cavity pumps or twin-screw pumps for the most efficient of working. Like progressive cavity pumps are used for a variety of purposes including the fluid metering as well as pumping highly abrasive, viscous liquids positive displacement pumps are used for achieving high pressure as well as the low stream of flow. They are also able to effectively pump highly viscous liquids. Both the categories of positive displacement pumps including the reciprocating as well as radial pumps understanding the mechanisms always becomes a perfect fit for the perfect task.

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