Roto Artificial Lift - Downhole Progressive Cavity Pumps

Roto Artificial Lift – Downhole Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) stands as a proven solution for artificial lift, ideal for various fluid conditions, rates, and lifts. These pumps are built and tested as per ISO 15136 standards to give customers the promise of quality and reliability. Renowned for their efficiency and benefiting from advancements in pump geometry and material technology, our PCP systems excel in handling highly viscous applications, including sand-laden heavy oil, coal bed methane (CBM), and medium to light oil applications.

Distinctive Features

  •  Cost-effective with superior system efficiency.
  •  Easy installation with minimal wellhead footprint.
  •  Optimizes reservoir deliverability by operating at low bottom-hole pressure, it extends the wells economic lift.
  •  Easily adjust production rates from the surface, streamlining well optimization while minimizing downtime and intervention costs.
  •  The rotor’s abrasion-resistant coating, paired with the stator’s soft elastomer surface, enhances its ability to handle abrasive fluids more effectively than alternative artificial lift technologies.
  • Capacity: 4-300 m3/day (1056-79251 GPD)
  • Head : Up to 240 bar (3481 PSI)


  •  Sand-Laden Heavy Crude Oil and Bitumen
  •  Medium Crude Oil with Limits on H2 S And CO2
  •  Light Sweet Crude Oil with limits on Aromatics Content
  •  High Water Cuts
  •  Dewatering Gas Wells e.g. Coal Bed Methane Projects
  •  Mature Waterfloods
  •  Visual and/or Height Sensitive Areas
  • All types of Wells, including Horizontal, Slant, Directional, and Vertical Reservoirs
Roto Artificial Lift - Downhole Progressive Cavity Pumps


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