Tirrana Agricultural Pump

Tirrana Agricultural Range

Capacity: 360 LPM
Pressure: 120 Meter

Built on heavy duty and proven platform. The Tirrana range of helical rotor pumps offer a peace of mind and best solutions to all types of surface water transfer duties.


Why Tirrana is your go to pump?

  • Ensuring Smooth flow of Water, Viscous, Abrasive & Shear Sensitive Media
  • Fair Pricing Policy for Pumps & Spares
  • Readily Available Pump and Spares Stock
  • Robust Distributor Network
  • 24*7 Quick Service Support


Power Source

  • Close Coupled with Electric Motor (240V or 415V)
  • Petrol / Diesel Drive Options
Tirrana Agricultural Range

Wettable Housing Parts: Cast Iron

Rotor: Stainless Steel – 410, Hard chrome plated

Stator: Natural, Nitrile

Shaft and Coupling Rod: Stainless Steel – 410**

* Above material options are standard for Tirrana Range, contact Roto for other material requirement

** With gland packing, shaft is hard chrome plated under gland area.

  • Ideal for tank filling or stock watering from dams, creeks, wells and rivers.
  • Can handle clean water, brown water, dirty water with sand, silt or algae.
  • High Suction Lift Applications
  • Viscous, Abrasive & Solid Laden Media
  • High / Varying Discharge Pressures Applications
  • Dirty / Salty Water
  • Inherently Self-Priming
  • Low NPSH Requirement
  • Exceptional Suction Lift Capabilities of up to 9.5 mwc
  • Effective in High Vacuum Conditions
  • Ideal for High Discharge Pressure Application
  • Provide Constant Flow at Varying Pressures


Mining Industry


Food Processing

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