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Comprehensive Range of Wine Pumps

DM Series Wine Pump

Flow – Up to 86 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 24 bar


  • Wine Transfer
  • Starch Transfer

WM Series must Pump

Flow – Up to 150 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 24 bar


  • Grape Must
  • Grape Waste
  • Sludge Transfer

DC Series Multipurpose Pump

Flow – Up to 7 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 6 bar


  • Wine Transfer
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Utility

Roto @ Work

WM Series Pump Transferring Grape Must at a flow rate of 30 m3/hr and pressure of 12 bar

WM Series Pump Transferring Grape Waste Sludge at a flow rate of 25 m3/hr and pressure of 5 bar

Trolley mounted DM Series Pump Transferring Wine at a flow rate of 28 m3/hr & pressure of 5 bar

Retrofit Parts for Progressive Cavity Pumps

Roto ensures strict in-house process control and stringent quility checks for designing & manufacturing of the highest quality retrofit spares having a long life cycle. We understand the criticality of our customer’s operation, thus we always make sure to provide on-time delivery of spares while keeping ex-stock readily available.

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