Built on the Maintenance in Place (MIP) Platform, Roto KWIK Pumps have been specially designed and developed to provide easy maintenance with minimum service time while saving on overall maintenance costs.

Quick & Simple Steps To Dismantle Rotor & Stator

Dismantling & re-assembly of the Roto KWIK range of pumps is very simple, a single person can complete the required tasks in a matter of few minutes. It results in significant reduction in maintenance time and labour cost. Maintenance Engineer will need standard tools to dismantle/assemble the pump.

Roto’s unique Wear Compensation Stator design allows to control and regulate the efficiency of Progressive Cavity Pumps for an extended period. It uses spacers (White, Yellow and Red colors) of engineered lengths to maintain even interferance throughout the length of rotor and stator.

It prevents fast wear of the pumping elements (Stator & Rotor) or pump seizure and/or excessive power consumption due to unregulated adjustments. This results in improved volumetric efficiency, which is archived through regulated adjustments.

*Roto KWIK Pumps are supplied with normal stator as a standard. Wear Compensation Stator is available as an added option with additional cost for abrasive and ardous applications.

Assembly Procedure

Over a period of time, the stator wears out, resulting in low flow & pressure.

  1. Unscrew all nuts to remove the White Spacers, Hex, Head Screws with Washers. Insert the Yellow
    Spacers, Hex. Head screws with Washers and tighten the Nuts by applying equal torque.
  2. After some time, the stator may again wear out, resulting in less flow and efficiency of the pump. Then, replace the Yellow Spacers with the Red Spacers.

Features :-
  • Low downtime in replacing the Stator, Rotor & Joint Parts
  • Xtra Value Cardan Joint
  • Inspection window on both sides
  • No Special Tools required
  • No need to dismantle suction & delivery pipelines
  • Installed Roto PC Pump can be converted easily to Roto Kwik
  • No need for extra dismantle space
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