A major leap towards a greener future was announced today by Roto Pumps Ltd. The company has significantly expanded its rooftop solar power usage for its manufacturing operations, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and clean energy adoption.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this significant increase in our on-site solar power generation,” said Mr. Gulshan Khurana, COO, Roto Pumps. “By harnessing the power of the sun, we’re not only reducing our environmental impact but also ensuring long-term energy security for our operations.”

This expansion nearly triples Roto Pumps’ rooftop solar power capacity. Previously, the company’s facilities utilized 350 kWp (kilowatt-peak) of solar power. With this development, the total rooftop solar power capacity has grown to 1,014.01 kWp, representing a substantial 189% increase.

This expansion is expected to provide nearly 50% of the power required for the company’s manufacturing processes at the Greater Noida facility. The increased solar power usage translates to a significant reduction in reliance on conventional energy sources, effectively lowering Roto Pumps’ carbon footprint.

Roto Pumps’ substantial increase in rooftop solar power usage reflects a progressive approach to environmental stewardship. This development paves the way for a more sustainable future for the company and sets a positive example for other manufacturers in the industry.

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