Roto Pumps is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Roto KWIK Pumps. Built on the Maintenance in Place (MIP) Platform, these pumps are designed to deliver easy maintenance with minimal service time, significantly reducing overall maintenance costs.

Performance Summary:

Capacity: Up to 340 m³/hr

Pressure: Up to 24 bar

Distinctive Advantages:

  • Quick Maintenance: Perform maintenance without dismantling the suction and delivery pipelines.
  • One-Piece Stator Construction: Eliminates the risk of media leakage, unlike split stator designs.
  • Easy Conversion: Installed Roto Progressive Cavity Pumps can be easily upgraded to Roto KWIK Platforms with minimal pipeline changes.
  • Space Efficient: No need for extra dismantling space.

Roto KWIK Pumps set a new benchmark in pump technology by ensuring maximum operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

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